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Production Parts Company (PPC) is a manufacturing engineering and sales representative agency located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  PPC is a provider of custom engineered parts to OEM customers.  Our associates are experienced in engineering, manufacturing processes, purchasing, and quality  assurance. They strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by: 

  • Providing a locator service for new parts or existing parts that have hampered production operations or cost efficiency. This saves our customers valuable time and money while finding reliable sources for quality parts delivered on time.
  • Working with engineering and manufacturing personnel to reduce the cost of new and existing products from design through delivery. By using our experience in manufacturing engineering, we are able to recommend alternative production techniques and processes to save our customers unneeded expense both in time and money.
  • Supplying custom fabricated parts from prototype to production quantities from over 100 previously qualified suppliers. Having this many suppliers covering a wide range of production technologies allows PPC to deliver products that are cost competitive and of highest quality.
  • Providing our customers with a single source for multiple level fabrication assemblies. We can provide our customers with parts that are fabricated in one facility, machined in another, plated in a third, and finally assembled in yet another prior to delivery.  PPC oversees these processes from beginning to delivery.
  • Maintaining appropriate inventory levels which enables our customers to simplify their purchasing process while saving time and money.

PPC services customers in a multitude of industries including: appliances, automotive, electric motors, food processing equipment, fluid power, furniture, handicap accessibility, machine tools, medical, military, pneumatic tools, recreational vehicles, sporting goods, and water treatment.

PPC’s greatest strength is our relationships that we have built with our quality suppliers.  With our experience and large list of suppliers, we are able to provide services that others simply cannot - at no additional cost to our customers. We strive to work in the best interest of our customers using suppliers that best support their needs.

PPC has been in business since 1954 and we are proud of our legacy.